Thursday, July 1, 2010

Its Summertime!

Its summertime and everybody is busy with all of the things that brings.  Vacations, yard work, fishing, yard work, swimming, yard work, picnics, yard work.   Well, you get the drift!

I have a new fun hobby though!  I am FINALLY showing dogs!  Yep!  Me!  My first show was Memorial Weekend and "Eve" and I had a great time!  My dog's registered name is Forevr Jaztyme Spirit of NewYearsEve.  She's a beautiful girl, born on, you guessed it, New Year's Eve in 2008.  She is just over 18 months old and just coming in to her full self.

I'm planning to try to make at least 1 show per month, more than that and it becomes a job and I don't want another job....I want this to be fun for both of us!  Our next show is in Sedalia, MO on July 9th.  Wish us luck!

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